I built libhive as a side-project.

Working with Node.js, I really enjoy the variety of tools I can find on npm. Every time I get into a new task the first thing I'll check is if someone else has already solved that problem, and it's almost always that someone has. And not only that - someone has solved the problem - in a general way - and bundled up the solution onto npm, and there are a couple of people working continuously on making it better. The work being done by the open source community is really inspiring and totally awesome.

Actually - there is so much work being done that it's not uncommon to find more than one solution, and the developer (me) has to choose which one to use. Choices between software used to be something big (like choosing a database or an OS), and were pretty rare but also given more resources. But as I find myself making these decisions on a daily basis, and choosing the best design tools for applications which are live and that businesses depend on, I have less time to invest in 'test driving' packages and libraries before I commit to them.

libhive is my attempt at making these choices easier for developers.

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