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NodeJS module for using the APIs for sending transactional and OTP sms in india


To install the library use

$ npm i 2factor --save

To install the library and save it as a dependency in package.json use

$ npm i 2factor --save


The module exports a constructor that returns new TwoFactor instances. The constructor expects the api key to be passed to it.
~~~~ const TwoFactor = new (require('2factor'))() ~~~~ Note - You shouldn't store your API key in your code or in text files you will commit to your repositories. Ideally, you want to use environment variables as given below - ~~~~ let APIKEY = process.env.myapikey || '' if (APIKEY === '') { throw new Error('Missing 2Factor api key in environment') } const TwoFactor = new(require('2factor'))(APIKEY) ~~~~

To get your balance -

The balance() method takes a single string parameter for the type of balance you want to retrieve. To get all balances, specify type as ALL or omit the parameter. ~~~~ TwoFactor.balance().then((response) => { console.log(response) }, (error) => { console.log(error) }) ~~~~

To send an sms otp -

Simply call the sendOTP function with a phone number and options object containing the otp and template fields. It will return a Promise that resolves with the sessionId or reject with the reason for failure. ~~~~ TwoFactor.sendOTP(, {otp: , template: }).then((sessionId) => { console.log(sessionId) }, (error) => { console.log(error) }) ~~~~

To verify an sms otp -

Call verifyOTP() with the sessionId returned from the sendOTP function and the otp you want to check. If the otp was correct, it will resolve with a success message else it will reject with the response from ~~~~ TwoFactor.verifyOTP(sessionId, otp).then((response) => { console.log(response) }, (error) => { console.log(error) }) ~~~~

To send a template SMS to a single user

~~~~ TwoFactor.sendTemplate('123456789', 'YOUR SENDER ID', ['VAR1','VAR2', 'VAR3']).then((response) => { console.log(response) }, (error) => { console.log(error) }) ~~~~

To send a template SMS to a single user

~~~~ TwoFactor.sendTemplate(['123456789','987654321'], 'YOUR SENDER ID', ['VAR1','VAR2', 'VAR3']).then((response) => { console.log(response) }, (error) => { console.log(error) }) ~~~~


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