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39-framework meta-module designed to develop WebSocket web-application, designed to work with MongoDB.


tl;dr?: To provide complex framework, constructed with 39f-* modules, and provide addition functionality.


Module exports next object:

  • loadApp(...): application initialization method, creates application instance, described below;
  • auth(...): module initializer, described below;
  • database: object with fields 'init', 'ObjectID' and 'DBRef', where 'ObjectID' and 'DBRef' are imported from 'mongodb' module and 'init' is a method, which accepts array mongodb configuration objects, object structure is described below;
  • logger: winston instance with pre-configured Console and File loggers, if you need details see index.js script;
  • initLogger: initialized additional Mail and MongoDB loggers if corresponding settings are provided, accepts object with two fields: 'mail' and 'mongo', every field should contain valid configuration object for winston-mail and winston-mongodb loggers except logging level configuration and subject (for mail logger), they will be overwritten anyway;
  • callbacks: 39f-callbacks module;
  • errors: errs module with predefined InternalError type.

loadApp(...) method

 * @param {number} port
 * @param {string} host
 * @param {number} instances
 * @param {boolean=true} opt_cluster Resets instances to 1 if false. Will use no
 * cluster module. Maybe useful in case you use external process watcher.
 * @param {Object=null} opt_https_options If present will use https instead of
 * http
 * @param {function(?Error, !Object)} onLoad

It creates cluster with instances of nodes, running application instances, which are passed to onLoad method as second argument.

Passed application object is node http-server, with associated io-instance stored in

If NODE_ENV was set to 'debug', it will run in single process mode without cluster.

Auth module

Auth module is an auth instance constructor itself, it has next signature:

 * @param {number} redisPort
 * @param {number} redisHost
 * @param {Object} redisOptions
 * @param {Object=} opt_options
 * @param {number=} opt_options.idleTimeout
 * @param {string=} opt_options.prefix
 * @return {Object}

It constructs instance with sessions manager according to provided data.

Database module

Database configuration object structure (note that you should pass array of such objects even if you need only one connection):

  name: string, // connection name
  settings: { // connection settings
    connString: string, // mongodb connection string
    poolSize: number, // connection pool size
    ssl: boolean, // use SSL or not


$ npm install 39f-meta

Author: Yurij Mikhalevich