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a11y-ng-support  Travis build status

Accessibility support framework for Angular 1.4+ projects

Installing a11y-ng-support

You can install this package locally with npm

Please note that this framework requires AngularJS 1.4+, and is not (yet) available for angular 2


    # To install latest release
    npm install a11y-ng-support

    # To install latest and update package.json 
    npm install a11y-ng-support --save

Using the a11y-ng-support framework

to get started using the framework you should add to your module dependencies

    angular.module('sampleProject', [''])

Getting started with the keyboard

The keyboard portion of the framwework consists out of the a11-keyboard directive (attribute) and the configuration service.

You can setup actions using the configuration service in a controller and/or during the run phase. An example of how to do this is can be seen below:

Creating a configuration:

        var config = keyboardConfiguration.addConfiguration('sample.span.interaction', [unique key flag]);

If set to true, the unique key is returned with the config in an object.

        config: 'The configuration itself',
        key: 'The unique key'

Adding actions:

    config.addAction(, function () {

    config.addAction(, function () {
        console.log('Space + Alt');
    }, true);

    config.addAction(, function () {
        console.log('Space + ctrl');
    }, false, true);

    config.addAction(, function () {
        console.log('Space + Shift');
    }, false, false, true);

    config.addAction(, function () {
        console.log('Space + Alt + Ctrl + Shift');
    }, true, true, true);


addAction / removeAction:

The interface for adding and removing actions uses the following api:

  • key: The key to listen for.
  • action: The callback method when the key is pressed.
  • Alt key modifier: Should alt be pressed down.
  • Ctrl key modifier: Should ctrl be pressed down.
  • Shift key modifier: Should shift be pressed down.

Keys supported

Currently supported keys are:

  • 0-9,
  • a-z,
  • arrows,
  • backspace,
  • enter,
  • escape &
  • tab.

Supported as shorthand are:

  • alphabetic [a-z]
  • alphanumeric [0-1, a-z]
  • numeric [0-1]

Binding a configuration to a dom element

Binding a configuration to a dom element can be done using the a11y-keyboard attribute directive as so:

    <span a11y-keyboard="sample.span.interaction">keyboard aware span</span>

Inspiration for this support framework

These are some posts i read which inspired me to do more and create this framework.

  • Accessibility in AngularJS and Beyond, Marcy Sutton (
  • The inaccessible web: how we got into this mess, Mischa Andrews (

Issues & Feature requests

Please use labels when using github's issue tracker for registering a bug report or enhancement request.