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a@b framework - Internationalization


NodeJS use

const { Locales } = require("aab-intl"),
      locales = new Locales("./locales"),
      terms = locales.get("fr-CA", "welcomepage");

locales = new Locales( "./locales" )

In the example above, the root folder is locales. When relative, absolute path is based on process.cwd(). You can find an example in test/locales directory.


This property returns a Set of defined locales having a translation file or defined in map.json file.

locales.get( locale, key )

This methods returns an object of terms defined for ui key.

Define locales

root directory

This directory should contain json translation files or custom settings into map.json and keymap.json files explain below.

translation files

Translation file name is the name of locale ( ie: fr-FR.json ) and should contain an object having at least 3 levels: ui key, term and translation value. All other levels will be flatten with dots into term ( ie: title.long ) .

As translation files are imported with require() command, so you can split them into folders if you define an index.

    "common": {
        "ok": "Ok",
        "submit": "Submit"
    "main": {
        "title": "Main title",
        "info": "Main info"
    "welcome": {
        "title": {
            "short": "Welcome",
            "long": "Welcome long title"
        "info": "Welcome info"


Tired with repeating "Submit" for all ui buttons? this file is for you.

You may define a fake ui in translation files containing submit. This map allows you to map any term to another to avoid translating terms twice.

    "welcome": {
        "button": "common.submit"


You have Brazilian and Portuguese translators and you want a fallback between languages? Here is the solution.

map.json is a map for each language defining inheritance between languages.

    "pt": [ "pt-PT", "pt-BR", "en" ],
    "pt-PT": [ "pt", "pt-BR", "en" ],
    "pt-BR": [ "pt", "pt-PT", "en" ],

Language order defines priority.

Further methods & properties


keymap.json file computed: terms and mapping are inverted to optimize search.

Entries from map.json file with key language will be added as first argument.


Array of terms stored as objects containing:

  • locale
  • key
  • term
  • value
  • pattern ( key.term )


Absolute path to locales directory defined on creation.

locales.load( locale, key, term, value )

This method adds locales.terms entries.

locales.setKeymap( key, term, pattern )

This method edits locales.keymap.

locales.setMap( locale, ...locales )

This method edits