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active-win Build Status

Get metadata about the active window (title, id, bounds, owner, etc)

Works on macOS, Linux, Windows.


$ npm install active-win


const activeWin = require('active-win');

(async () => {
    console.log(await activeWin());
        title: 'Unicorns - Google Search',
        id: 5762,
        bounds: {
            x: 0,
            y: 0,
            height: 900,
            width: 1440
        owner: {
            name: 'Google Chrome',
            processId: 310,
            bundleId: '',
            path: '/Applications/Google'
        memoryUsage: 11015432



Returns a Promise<Object> with the result, or Promise<undefined> if there is no active window or if the information is not available.


Returns an Object with the result, or undefined if there is no active window.


  • platform (string) - 'macos' | 'linux' | 'windows'
  • title (string) - Window title
  • id (number) - Window identifier
  • bounds (Object) - Window position and size
    • x (number)
    • y (number)
    • width (number)
    • height (number)
  • owner (Object) - App that owns the window
    • name (string) - Name of the app
    • processId (number) - Process identifier
    • bundleId (string) - Bundle identifier (macOS only)
    • path (string) - Path to the app
  • memoryUsage (number) - Memory usage by the window owner process

OS support

It works on macOS, Linux, and Windows 7+.

Note: On Windows, there isn't a clear notion of a "Window ID". Instead it returns the memory address of the window "handle" in the id property. That "handle" is unique per window, so it can be used to identify them. Read more….