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AdonisJs Restful API

Not ready for production Currently support AdonisJs v4+MongoDB only. Also check REST-ADMIN - An awesome admin dashboard based on vue 2 and bootstrap v4


also you can use npm by ommit --yarn

  1. Install required packages

    adonis install @adonisjs/validator --yarn
    adonis install @adonisjs/antl --yarn
    adonis install @adonisjs/drive --yarn
    adonis install lucid-mongo --yarn
    # install adonis-rest
    adonis install adonis-rest --yarn
  2. Edit /start/app.js

    const providers = [
  3. Edit /start/routes.js js `'/rest/api', 'api')`

  4. Open http://localhost:3333/rest/api/users (or another port) should return paginated user list.



The config file of adonis-rest is /config/rest.js,you can define any number of modules of adonis-rest routes. e.g. For frontend api and backend api, we call them api and admin

module.exports = {
  //route module name
  api: {
    //authenticator name
    auth: 'jwt',

    // which means there are only `index` and `show` routes
    isAdmin: false,

    //all of your resources config
    resources: {

      // for `/products`
      products: {
        // must access with a valid token
        auth: true,

        // all of your default query config for `/products`
        query: {

          // when list all products
          index: {
            // fetch appends, please refer to **Appends**
            append: ['is_buy'],

            // fetch related data
            with: ['categories'],

            // also you can define default sorting
            sort: { _id: -1 },

          // when show a product
          show: {
            append: ['is_buy'],

  admin: {
    //maybe `adminJwt`
    auth: 'jwt',

    //allow C(create)/U(update)D/(delete) routes
    isAdmin: true,

    //allow destroy all routes
    allowDestroyAll: true,

    resources: {
      // ...

And then, you can add routes easily: /start/routes.js

 * @param String base url
 * @param string key of route module in `/config/rest.js`
 **/'/rest/api', 'api')'/rest/admin', 'admin')

Now, You can check the followed links: (if your port of server is 3333)

  • http://localhost:3333/rest/api/product
  • http://localhost:3333/rest/admin/products

Base Model

There is a more powerful base model Rest/Models/Model

You can define a Product model like this:

const Model = use('Rest/Models/Model')

module.exports = class Product extends Model {