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Hugo is a script filter framework for your Alfred workflows. It can handle fetching and caching data, configuration storage, checking for updates and much much more. But I suppose you can use it for other purposes in your workflow as well :man_shrugging:


  • Written in Typescript :star:
  • Well tested :thumbsup:
  • Built-in cache and configuration storage
  • Advanced filtering of items using Fuse.js :mag:
  • Fetch (JSON) from REST API's using Axios :earth_americas:
  • Update notifications (for both NPM and Packal workflows) :mailbox:

Getting started



Hugo can be installed using Yarn or NPM:

$ yarn add alfred-hugo
$ npm install --save alfred-hugo

Writing your script filter

Please see the docs for documentation and examples on how to use Hugo to write your script filters.

Publishing your workflow to NPM

To publish your workflow to NPM, set up the postinstall and preuninstall scripts in your package.json as follows to automatically add your workflow to Alfred.

  "name": "alfred-unicorn",
  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "hugo-link",
    "preuninstall": "hugo-unlink"

People can now install your package globally like this:

$ npm install -g my-alfred-package

Workflows using Hugo

List of Alfred workflows using Hugo.

  • alfred-atom - Alfred workflow to browse and open Atom projects

Feel free to submit your own by opening an issue or submitting a pull request.


See CONTRIBUTING for more info about how to contribute.




BSD-2-Clause license, see LICENSE.