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Generates a RESTful web API Documentation.

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apiDoc creates a documentation from API descriptions in your source code.

Documentation at or as Docset.

Example output.

HELP NEEDED! Search for a Developer

Because of my limited time i need one or more devs that could build and maintain a "Send Sample Request Plugin".

The Plugin should be loose coupled to the template, so it should be a separate project. This Plugin should send example data to an API-Endpoint and process the response. Supported formats should be JSON, XML, whatever.

Many issues belong to the current (unmaintained) plugin, (Milestone: Send Sample Request Plugin)( If you want ot work on this, please send me a PM.


$ npm install apidoc -g

Alternative docker install

$ docker pull apidoc/apidoc

Then you will need to mount your file storage -v '<apidoc.json dir>:/apidoc' to docker container.


$ docker run --rm -v '$(PWD):/apidoc' -it apidoc/apidoc \
    --input ./example \
    --output ./docker-example \

Creates from input files in example/ a documentation in path docker-example/.



 * @api {get} /user/:id Request User information
 * @apiName GetUser
 * @apiGroup User
 * @apiParam {Number} id Users unique ID.
 * @apiSuccess {String} firstname Firstname of the User.
 * @apiSuccess {String} lastname  Lastname of the User.
$ apidoc -i example/ -o doc/

Creates from input files in example/ a documentation in path doc/.

More examples and best practice hints:

Supported programming languages

  • C#, Go, Dart, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Scala (all DocStyle capable languages):

     * This is a comment.
  • Clojure:

    ;; This is a comment.
  • CoffeeScript:

    This is a comment.
  • Erlang:

    This is a comment.
  • Perl

    # This is a comment.
    This is a comment.
  • Python

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  • Ruby

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Plugins (extend apiDoc)

apiDoc will auto include installed plugins.

  • apidoc-plugin-schema Generates and inject apidoc elements from api schemas. npm install apidoc-plugin-schema

Build tools




Extend apiDoc and write your own Plugin

For details and an example view apidoc-plugin-test


Please add issues if you have a question or found a problem. Pull requests are welcome too!

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