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Those are small utility functions we're using in a day-to-day manner.


All functions inside lib/ are in the UMD format - you can use them in CommonJS environment by requiring it (require("arkency-js/lib/Object.remapKeys")) or you can just include them inside <script> tag - then they'll be available in the window namespace.


See docs/ directory for docs.


See LICENSE for details.


Produced with love by Arkency. We're always recruiting - write us an e-mail if you happen to fancy remote & async Rails consulting work with dynamic frontends.

We're also writing a lot about React.js as React Kung Fu.


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React.js by Example

Rails meets React.js

In this book, we explain how to create common widgets like password-strength meter or credit card input using the newest JavaScript standard (ECMAScript 2015). There are videos and repository included in the repo.

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