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What Is It?

Let's dispense once and for all with the fiction that a brazier is a women's undergarment. A brazier is heater like this:

Image of a brazier

I'm glad that we cleared that up. Now let's never pronounce "brazier" incorrectly again.

No, What Is It?

brazier is a JavaScript utility library. It is heavily inspired by Haskell, Underscore/Lodash, and the Scala collections library. brazier is an opinionated library written in CoffeeScript, with a focus on upholding a particular balance between power, performance, and elegance, backed by clear implementation code.


You can depend on a module by calling require('brazierjs/<module name>').

Terms of Use


brazier is in the public domain. To the extent possible under law, Uri Wilensky has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights.