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What is gg-dim-twa?

gg-dim-twa is a module that provides several addons such as external skype logging and our own custom script carpet.

Installation and Configuration

  • Step 1. Install gg-dim-twa:
    npm install gg-dim-twa
  • Step 2. Create an application
    adult create app.js
  • Step 3. Edit your configuration file.
    Do this via terminal or an SSH client
  • Step 4. Start your application
    adult start app.js

Addons & Usage

gg-dim-twa provides multiple useful addons by default:

  1. Skype Logging.
    Creates an external log of Skype conversations.
  2. Desktop Notifications.
    Notifies the user of new events on their desktop.
  3. Application Spy.
    Keeps an eye on other applications on your machine.
  4. Comment Handler.
    Deals with comments on video pages.
  5. Script Carpet.
    Allows you to customize your own script management window.


  • --start - Start your script.
  • --stop - Stops specified script.
  • --create - Use this command to create an app.
  • --disable - Disables gg-dim-twa entirely.
  • --pause - Puts specified app on hold.
  • --schedule - Schedules a script to run at a certain time.
  • --bugreport - Use this command to report bugs with gg-dim-twa.
  • --changelog - Lists the changes in your current version.
  • --version - Lists what version you are currently running.
  • --help - Displays all commands.


Having issues? Try reinstalling.
You can use --bugreport to report any bugs you may be running into using our package.


Check out our GitHub page to see all the latest updates.


gg-dim-twa requires you have gulp-plumber, multer, and hapi installed on your machine.

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